Week 122: Join the Ranks

Wikipedia maintains a list of Wikipedians by number of edits, i.e. a ranked list of the most active Wikipedia editors of all time. The list displays the top 5,000 editors and is updated on a daily basis. Some users, concerned about privacy, have requested to have their username replaced with the text "Placeholder". The page includes a disclaimer reminding users that: edit counts do not reflect quality or accuracy!

The list displays basic information about Wikipedia's most active editors, plus past versions of the list, a few related charts and graphs, and links to other statistics pages. As of this writing, four editors have made more than 1 million contributions to Wikipedia. The longtime leader was a Hoosier who goes by Koavf, but awhile back he was eclipsed by a DC resident who named his account for a character in a Puccini opera.

Beutler Ink