Week 90: What's in an Article Name?

Article titles on Wikipedia are, first and foremost, the names of encyclopedia pages. Each one indicates the article's subject in the form of its proper name or a description of the topic. Each article must have a unique title; confusion is avoided by disambiguating similar names with clarifications in parentheses.

According to Wikipedia's naming conventions, article titles should reflect what reliable sourcescall them, and should be: recognizable, natural, preciseconcise, and consistent. With some exceptions, commons names are more suitable than "official" names, and English-language titlesare generally preferred on the English Wikipedia.

There are dozens of naming guidelines for different types of articles, such as florafauna, and companies. The main Wikipedia category for naming conventions is found here. In terms of formatting, article titles should: follow sentence case, appear in singular form, avoid ambiguous abbreviations and definite and indefinite articles, use nouns, and not use quotes.