Week 87: Where The Sidebar Ends

In recent weeks we've explored Wikipedia's navigation sidebar: the most prominent links in its uppermost section, the key pages found in its interaction section, and the useful services in its tools section. Eventually we'll explore these services in depth, but today we close out by addressing the last few links in the sidebar.

One less-used section is called "Print/export", which offers three standard options—to create a book, in an electronic format or even for printing on-demand, via "Create a book"; as well as "Download as PDF", and "Printable version".

On some pages, and especially the Main Page, you will find links to equivalent pages "In other projects" meaning other Wikimedia projects like Wiktionary. On article pages, you can find equivalents for the same entry in other "Languages". If you see a link to "Nederlands" at left, you know there is a version of this page in Dutch.