In week 15 we looked briefly at Wikipedia's key content policies: Neutral point of view, No original research, and Verifiability. We've also talked about biographiesnotability and the manual of style, all high-level topics. Now, we go down the rabbit hole:

  • Article titles—Deciding what to call articles isn't just about getting the words right, but also getting the distinction between related subjects right.

  • Autobiography—Writing about yourself is a dangerous game.

  • Citing sources—You know you should do it, but do you have to? Closely related to the reliable sources concept.

  • External links—What to link, where to link, and why.

  • Hoaxes and plagiarism—Sometimes amusing, often frustrating.

  • What Wikipedia is not—Defining an "encyclopedia" is tricky. But it can help to say what it's not.

In the weeks to come, we'll explore these policies and guidelines, and many more.