Wyss Foundation

Website Redesign

The Wyss Foundation is a private, charitable organization that supports innovative conservation solutions around the world. The foundation reached out to Beutler Ink to redesign their website, which was no longer meeting their operational needs.

The Wyss team had several clear goals for the engagement, most notably showcasing the foundation's grantees and partnerships through new content and visual storytelling. They also wanted to ensure that the new site was easily navigable and highly responsive on any device or browser.

To meet these objectives, we created a mobile-friendly website using Squarespace that featured the following:

  • Eye-catching design, including large, vivid photos of wildlife and wildland, supported by prominent and easily readable copy;

  • Clear and intuitive navigation elements that encourage exploration;

  • A blog template that is easy for team members to update with new posts, categories, and imagery.

The Wyss Foundation is driven by an enduring appreciation for untouched wilderness and iconic landscapes. The new site reflects that vision in design and messaging, and fulfills all of their operational requirements.