Wyss Foundation

Campaign for Nature Video

The Wyss Foundation is a private, charitable organization that supports innovative conservation solutions around the world. Beutler Ink proudly worked with the foundation on a sixty-second video to support their Campaign for Nature initiative, which aims to conserve 30 percent of the planet in a natural state by the year 2030.

We began the engagement by transforming key messaging points into a compelling, concise script. Then we created a graphic storyboard and collected voice over options to help our partners at Wyss understand what the finished video would look and sound like. Once we were aligned on direction, we set to work executing the final product.

The Campaign for Nature video we created:

  • Grabs viewer attention by leading with an alarming environmental problem and then outlining clearly stated solutions;

  • Helps frame the issue for policy makers and media members;

  • Uses captivating video footage and parallax animation to support the storytelling and capture the beauty of the natural world;

  • Finishes with a clear call to action directing viewers back to the Campaign for Nature website;

  • Provides a valuable social channel asset to engage key audiences and increase awareness.