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Every December Beutler Ink recaps the past year’s news and entertainment with a single Where's Waldo-style illustration. Each edition features a different artist and theme—from Wes Anderson-style diorama to Blade Runner-esque dystopia to Garden of Earthly Delights—but they all reflect hours and hours of obsessive pop culture sleuthing.

Since launching in 2013, the series has generated impressive media coverage (including HuffPost , Fast Company, Gizmodo, Los Angeles Times  and Laughing Squid), website traffic (especially via Reddit), and social shares. Commenters love to identify the depictions and reminisce about shows, sports, and memes.

Check out these past installments and let us know what we should include in this year's edition!

Here's to 2013

From the Red Wedding to the Harlem Shake to the Twitter IPO


Here's to 2014

From Google Glass to Too Many Cooks to #GamerGate


Here's to 2015

From Left Shark to Cecil the Lion to Obergefell v. Hodges


Here's to 2016

From Donald Trump to Dat Boi to Stranger Things


Here's to 2017

From Wonder Woman to #MeToo to Bitcoin


Here’s to 2018

From IHOB to Cardi B to Time’s Up

Here's to 2018