What are some visual content ideas besides infographics?


Infographics: everybody wants one, and it seems almost every brand has one—or dozens. If you're feeling a little bored with infographics, and looking for other types of visual content to add to your editorial calendar mix, then this post is for you.

Here are a few other visual content ideas to think about.

  • Socially optimized content—It's no secret that traditional infographics don't work well on social media. They're too long to fit in a newsfeed and too complex to survive Facebook compression. If you want to communicate visually with fans on social, try socially optimized graphics, or easy-to-digest "snackables," as we call them here at Beutler Ink. These can be simple quote graphics, charts or illustrations. Pro tip: Keep them square (think Instagram) for legibility on mobile.

  • Slide presentations—Presentations don't have to be boring. Don't limit yourself to the templates in PowerPoint. Think beyond the bullets. Like other content, make presentations stand out by filling them with data-rich visuals and clear, concise copywriting. If you really want to commit to creativity, try a fully illustrated presentation. Once your slides are finished, post to SlideShare to share your work beyond just those few people in your meeting room.

  • Template-based charts—Have an idea for a series of graphics? If you keep each one simple, then a template can be developed to use for that series. Three great things about this approach to infographics: templates are more economical than a new design for each, they create a consistent "look" for the series, and a series gives your content more chances to find its audience than a single graphic.

  • Memetic content—Everyone loves Internet memes, even your aunt. (Maybe especially your aunt.) And the key to this this particular visual content idea is timeliness. Fortunately, with sites like Meme Generator, you can create memes with minimal effort and in no time.

  • Motion graphics—It's claimed that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it as mere text. So when you have an important message to share, a smart video appeals to the senses and is more likely to be memorable.

  • Animated GIFs—Same idea as above, but even easier to execute.

  • Interactive—Interactive projects are the most resource- and time-intensive type of content—building a successful website, even a mini-site, is both more expensive and time-consuming than you might think—but when done right, there's no better way to get engagement.

Any other visual content ideas you especially like, or have had success with? Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments!