Welcome to the first blog of the rest of your life

Oh hi there, I didn't see you come in! Well, since we're here now, let me welcome you to the Beutler Ink blog—please, make yourself at home. What's that you say, you already knew that we had a blog? And you've seen several posts here already, such as our publication of our "Here's to 2013!" illustration, or our comment on the ethics of Wikipedia consulting?


Well, yes, all of this is so. This blog did first go live sometime in the late fall of 2013 employing a strategy of a soft launch-by-necessity, and so we have made pretty good use of it. But as 2014 yawns, stretches, and tries to collect itself, we're here to announce that the Beutler Ink blog is going to become a much bigger focus for us, and—we hope—a more regular stop on the daily Interwebs for you. Expect to see posts here once per day or once every other day, of varying length depending on the news cycle, or our workload.

What can you expect out of this here weblog? We'll be talking a lot about our passions for data visualization, discussing the state of the modern infographic, explaining how open source communities work and, perhaps most exciting, we'll be talking about how Beutler Ink works. If you count yourself a fan of the work we do, plan to check in regularly where we'll talk about working as a distributed team, the technology we use, and our philosophies—especially involving the power (and danger!) of telling stories.

Welcome to the Beutler Ink blog, or welcome back.