Wikimania 2014: The Past, Present and Future of "Paid Editing"

Today on The Wikipedian, my blog about exactly what it sounds like, I've got a long post up about a presentation I took part in at last weekend's Wikimania conference in London: "We Need to Talk about Paid Editing: Sorting Out Wikipedia's Most Enduring Argument" Every year, Wikipedians from around the world gather in a different global city to meet in person and talk about issues relevant to the community. This was my third visit, but first time speaking. The topic of my presentation is one of significant interest to Beutler Ink: the past, present and future of companies and organizations getting involved with their own Wikipedia articles. The community has long struggled to define exactly what the rules of engagement should be. At Beutler Ink, we take pride in leading the way not just in helping our client partners develop outstanding Wikipedia articles, but equally so we are proud of doing so in a way that volunteer Wikipedians support. Much more about this is contained in the deck, available on SlideShare below, and The Wikipedian contains much more detail about the contents of the deck and circumstances of the panel itself.

We Need to Talk About Paid Editing: Sorting Out

Wikipedia's Most Enduring Argument from Beutler Ink

Plus: it contains some more information about the next development in this project you can look forward to: the release of an ebook on this subject, the most comprehensive guide for PR professionals written to date, now set for release in early September. Watch this space!