Google Chrome

Choosing a Secure Browser Infographic

The software-as-a-service boom means browsers are more important than ever—especially for businesses making sizable investments in enterprise services. But how do IT decision makers know which browser is the best security and customization fit for their operations?

Two leading security engineering firms recently released white papers comparing leading browsers against one another on critical features including threat update frequency, crowd-sourced safeguarding, and phishing and malware protection.

Beutler Ink partnered with Google Chrome to create an infographic summarizing these reports and identifying the factors that make Chrome such a good fit for security-minded enterprises.

To implement the project:

  • Our strategists worked closely with the Google team to comb through the reports, identify the most compelling callouts, and create a brief compiling this data within a visual narrative.

  • Our designers brought the brief to life using a cybersecurity theme—including motherboard-style circuitry imagery and cat burglar-like data thief illustrations—and applied the Google color and typography palette to maintain brand fidelity.

Our project managers facilitated clear and actionable communication throughout the engagement, identified key deadlines, and kept deliverables on-schedule.

"The Beutler team did an excellent job distilling complex information into an easily consumable infographic."

Mike Schipper
Product Marketing Manager, Google