Beutler Ink Labs

Here's to 2017

Beutler Ink once again mashed up the year's news, sports, and pop culture—including Donald Trump & Robert Mueller, Kevin Durant & Steph Curry, Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo, and Chris Christie & a beach chair—into one Where's Waldo?-inspired illustration. For this installment, we collaborated with Sanda Anderlon, a digital collage artist based in Croatia. Sanda's visually dense style is perfect for this type of panorama, and she completely nailed all of the 100+ depictions our strategists selected. The graphic was featured in numerous media outlets, including Neatorama, Laughing Squid, Design, and BroBible. For whatever reason, the graphic did extremely well on Russian social media platforms, especially Vkontakte. Спасибо, comrades!  


A few closeups: