The skimm + Beutler Ink Labs

Here’s to 2018

Every December we release a "Here's to..." graphic that depicts all of the year's news and pop culture moments in a single Where's Waldo?-inspired illustration. Our team loves putting these together, and after five straight installments we know the project would benefit from fresh input.

So for the 2018 edition, we reached out to TheSkimm, publisher of the popular Daily Skimm newsletter), about a partnership opportunity—and were absolutely thrilled when they said yes! We collaborated closely with their team on the graphic's editorial direction (including depictions and setting) and then handed illustration duties over to Michele Rosenthal, a Brooklyn-based illustrator.

TheSkimm included the entire image (a first for them at this size!) in the year-end recap newsletter that was delivered to more than 7 million subscribers. Although the large majority of Skimm readers typically consume the newsletter exclusively in their inboxes, an additional 40,000 people viewed it on the web, where they spent an average of 4 minutes looking at the graphic and other newsletter content.  


TheSkimm also published the graphic on Instagram with a native post and Instagram Story. These posts generated more than 500,000 impressions and 135 comments. Some feedback on social and via email included:

  • “WOW! What an incredible recap. I loved all of this - especially the artwork. All of it is perfect. Thank you so much.”

  • “Wow! This is an incredibly well done compilation! Clearly a TON of work and thought went into it. Thank you for all you are doing to inform and educate!”

  • “I think the art work for theSkimm year end summary is really cool. Can I get a poster of it or something?”

  • “Thank you for such a great recap of 2018 - a difficult year though it was. I look forward to The Skimm next year!”

  • “This rules. Thank you for all the hard work you all put into this!!!”

A few closeups