8 Mistakes to Avoid on your Hotel's Social Media Channels [Slideshare]

Hoteliers know they need social media. But it's hard to stay up to date in an increasingly noisy social media landscape when you’re concerned with Q2’s occupancy rate.

So, to make things easier for you, we rounded up some of the biggest mistakes from eight hospitality marketing pros.

Take a look at the deck and we’ll go over what to avoid below.

Are you guilty of any of these pitfalls? Not to worry—we all have struggled at some point or another.

  1. Ignoring comments or taking too long to respond.

    Responses should be as immediate as possible to demonstrate respect to a potential guest.
  2. Use only professional photos.

    Take advantage of lower budget shoots to more naturally showcase your property.
  3. Oversharing guest details.

    Never give out personal details, be sure to use private messaging when available.
  4. Spending time on content but not on distribution.

    Consider timing, platform, targeting, and promotional budget to cut through the noise.
  5. Trying to be on too many channels at once.

    Time lapses and social media silence can compromise your efforts.
  6. Being too formal or dry.

    Just because you’re part of a chain doesn’t mean you can’t have a unique voice.
  7. Selling too much.

    Thoughtfully responding to a guest’s experience shows that you care about hospitality.
  8. Not addressing criticism.

    Social media should be used to build and nurture relationships.

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— Drew Tyson, Social Media Coordinator



Drew Tyson